The Image of Place

Helping you to unearth and encapsulate the essence of place.


Not limited to physical characteristics, our conception of terroir is systemic and integrates history, local culture and the subjective experience of landscape.

While understanding Terroir is fundamental for technical decision making, we also believe that it is key for working on true sustainability or developing coherent brand narratives.

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Beyond mapping, our Geographic Information solutions enable you to see patterns emerging and visualize relationships.

By leveraging easy-to-use mobile apps, we give you control over the data collection process. With dashboards and web maps, we turn data into meaningful storytelling: stakeholders feel more connected and empowered. 


The Transdisciplinary Journey

Developing the cooperation amongst a group of small producers, recognizing a wine appellation, implementing a conservation project… Working on questions associated with the land is often complex. 

At the core of transdisciplinarity is the mutual learning of the actors –within as well as outside of the craft– to solve complex challenges.

Applied to terroir, this approach opens new possibilities for understanding and discovery: the land is a living system and you are part of it.

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