Vine to Wine Consulting

Imago Loci was born from a careerlong passion for terroir and the desire to bring to fruition and share with others the power of understanding Place. Imago Loci is based in Monterey, California.

Gregory Brun, Principal


Gregory is a wine industry veteran, visionary and passionate advocate for marrying the wine‘ssense of place with technology. With a wealth of expertise ranging from interpreting soil complexities to the use of airborne imagery and remote sensing devices, Gregory has been instrumental in aligning Californian terroirs and winemaking programs, developing vineyard information systems, and promoting the future of sustainable viticulture. He has led the Viticulture corporate division and multidisciplinary wine-growing projects at Delicato, crafted iconic wines in Virginia in partnership with Michel Roland, worked with renowned wineries such as DomaineoCamuzet in Burgundy and Newton Vineyard in Napa Valley, supported Swiss agronomical research in grapevine physiology, and led technical audits to help vineyards gain terroir recognition in French wine regions. Additionally, he has acted as a financial manager of wine businesses at Crédit Agricole bank and supported the wine communities of the Burgundy region. Gregory is a French Engineer from LInstitut Agro Montpellier and holds a M.S. in Viticulture and Winemaking.

Olivier Garcia, Consultant


Olivier is a highly experienced agricultural engineer and œnologist, specializing in soil, climate, and plant interactions, as well as new technologies. With a focus on water in soils and vine physiology, he provides technical support to French artisan vintners, helping them to progress and communicate more effectively about their terroir to the specialized press and their customers. Additionally, Olivier works with larger entities such as Dom Perignon, Bollinger, Veuve Clicquot, and the BNIC in Cognac on more strategic projects. Examples of such collaborations are assessing aspects of grape production or aiding in decisionmaking regarding terroir and technology. Olivier is also a professional wine photographer (www.photography.wine) and is committed to helping clients developing and communicating on their image.